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Do all condenser mics require phantom power?

Author:Dongguan Maiao Technology Co.,Ltd    Source:Dongguan Maiao Technology Co.,Ltd    Pubdate:2020-06-19    Hits:1937

Some mics, such as Neumann U67s, still have their own power supplies, but for the most part, the mics you’ll be dealing with will need phantom.  Your board at home should have a phantom power button on it, commonly denoted as “+48V”.  Make sure, wherever it is (on the channel strip, on the back of the box, etc.), that the 48V option is selected.  Other mics dumb it down for you a bit, either by requiring only a battery for functioning (examples, Audix UEM81C Battery Powered Condenser Mic, Audio-Technica AT8022), or if connected to your computer via USB, taking it’s power from your computer (examples, Audio-Technica AT2020USB USB Condenser Microphone, Shure PG42-USB USB Condenser Mic).

Note: I have not personally used any battery powered or USB mics, so I cannot recommend any specific mic for you.  As with any piece of gear, you’ll need to do your own research as to what fits your needs best. Regardless of how it gets it’s power, once you figure that out, you’ll be thrilled with the depth of sound you’re able to achieve.

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